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[1]刘书杰 任美鹏 李 军 张兴全 吴 怡 杨宏伟.我国海洋控压钻井技术适应性分析[J].中国海上油气,2020,32(05):129-136.[doi:10.11935/j.issn.1673-1506.2020.05.016]
 LIU Shujie REN Meipeng LI Jun ZHANG Xingquan WU Yi YANG Hongwei.Adaptability analysis of offshore managed pressure drilling technologies in China[J].China Offshore Oil and Gas,2020,32(05):129-136.[doi:10.11935/j.issn.1673-1506.2020.05.016]





Adaptability analysis of offshore managed pressure drilling technologies in China
刘书杰1 任美鹏1 李 军2 张兴全1 吴 怡1 杨宏伟2
(1. 中海油研究总院有限责任公司 北京 100028; 2. 中国石油大学(北京)北京 102249 )
LIU Shujie1 REN Meipeng1 LI Jun2 ZHANG Xingquan1 WU Yi1 YANG Hongwei2
(1.CNOOC Research Institute Co., Ltd., Beijing 100028, China; 2. China University of Petroleum, Beijing 102249, China)
海洋钻井 窄安全密度窗口 控压钻井 井筒压力
offshore drilling narrow safety density window managed pressure drilling wellbore pressure
控压钻井技术是解决窄安全密度窗口地层钻井难题的有效手段,我国海洋钻井中尚处于探索阶段,需对不同控压钻井技术的适应性进行分析。以井底恒压控压钻井和控制泥浆液面(CML)双梯度钻井为研究对象,考虑温度对钻井液物性参数影响,分别建立了2种控压钻井方式井筒压力预测模型,分析了不同控压钻井方式控制参数对井筒压力分布的影响。研究结果表明:相对于井底恒压控压钻井,CML双梯度钻井的循环当量密度调节范围较宽; CML双梯度钻井既能够有效简化井身结构,又具有一定的井下复杂情况处理能力,在技术层面上CML双梯度钻井优于井底恒压控压钻井。本文研究结果可为我国海洋控压钻井技术应用提供参考
Managed pressure drilling(MPD)is an effective method to overcome the drilling problems in formation with narrow safety density window. China’s offshore drilling is still in the exploratory stage, so it is necessary to analyze the adaptability of different MPD technologies. By taking the bottomhole constant pressure MPD(BHCP-MPD)and the controlled mud level(CML)dual gradient drilling(CML-DGD)as the research objects, and considering the influence of temperature on the drilling fluid physical parameters, wellbore pressure prediction models were established for those two drilling methods accordingly to analyze the influences of control parameters on the distribution of wellbore pressure in various MPD modes. The results show that the CML-DGD has a wider range of ECD adjustment than the BHCP-MPD. CML-DGD not only can simplify the wellbore structure effectively, but also can handle the downhole complexities to some extent. From a technical perspective, CML-DGD is more favorable than the BHCP-MPD. The results of this paper can provide references for the application of offshore MPD technology in China


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