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[1]蒋维宇 李 伟 张宗华 袁新安 葛玖浩 赵建明 马维平.水下ACFM高灵敏度裂纹检测探头设计[J].中国海上油气,2019,31(06):160-166.[doi:10.11935/j.issn.1673-1506.2019.06.022]
 JIANG Weiyu LI Wei ZHANG Zonghua YUAN Xin'an GE Jiuhao ZHAO Jianming MA Weiping.Design of underwater ACFM high sensitivity crack detection probe[J].China Offshore Oil and Gas,2019,31(06):160-166.[doi:10.11935/j.issn.1673-1506.2019.06.022]





Design of underwater ACFM high sensitivity crack detection probe
蒋维宇1 李 伟1 张宗华2 袁新安1 葛玖浩1 赵建明1 马维平1
(1. 中国石油大学(华东)海洋油气装备与安全技术研究中心 山东青岛 266580; 2. 山东省特种设备检验研究院枣庄分院 山东枣庄 277100)
JIANG Weiyu1 LI Wei1 ZHANG Zonghua2 YUAN Xin'an1 GE Jiuhao1 ZHAO Jianming1 MA Weiping1
(1. China University of Petroleum Center for Offshore Engineering and Safety Technology, Qingdao, Shandong 266580, China; 2. Zaozhuang Branch of Shandong Special Equipment Inspection and Research Institute, Zaozhuang, Shandong 277100, China)
ACFM 微小裂纹 畸变特征信号 高灵敏度探头 隧道磁阻 信号识别方法 裂纹检测实验
Alternating Current Field Measurement microcrack distortion characteristic signal high sensitivity probe tunnel magnetoresistance signal identification method crack detection experiment
水下结构物局部微小裂纹在腐蚀和外力作用下可快速扩展,为结构物安全服役带来巨大隐患,因此及时发现海洋工程结构物微小裂纹具有重要意义。本文引入交流电磁场检测(ACFM)技术,建立了水下ACFM探头仿真模型,设计了基于隧道磁阻(TMR)磁场传感器的水下ACFM高灵敏度裂纹检测探头,通过提取裂纹畸变特征信号,提出了不锈钢表面微小裂纹信号识别方法,并通过水下微小裂纹检测实验来检验该探头的检测精度,结果表明所设计的裂纹检测探头可借助裂纹磁场特征信号实现不锈钢薄板表面深度1 mm、长度1.5 mm微小短裂纹和表面长度5 mm、深度0.5 mm微小浅裂纹的高灵敏度准确识别。本文研究成果可为水下结构缺陷早期裂纹预警及结构物长期安全服役提供技术支持,具有较好的推广应用价值。
The local micro-cracks on underwater structures can rapidly expand under the action of corrosion and external force, which brings huge hidden dangers to the safe service of structures. Therefore, it is of great significance to discover the micro-cracks on ocean engineering structures in a timely manner. In this paper, by introducing the Alternating Current Field Measurement(ACFM)technology, the underwater ACFM probe simulation model was established, and a Tunnel Magnetoresistance(TMR)magnetic field sensor-based underwater ACFM high-sensitivity cracks detection probe was designed. By extracting the crack distortion characteristic signal, an identification method for detecting the micro-cracks on the surface of stainless steel was proposed, and the detection accuracy of this probe was validated by virtue of underwater micro-crack detection experiment. The experimental results show that the designed crack detection probe can, based on the characteristic signal of crack magnetic field, accurately identify short micro-cracks with a depth of 1mm and a length of 1.5 mm, as well as the shallow micro-cracks with a surface length of 5 mm and a depth of 0.5 mm on the surface of stainless steel sheet with high sensitivity. The research results in this paper can provide technical supports for the early crack warning of underwater structural defects and the long-term safe service of structures, showing a good application value.


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